Winter in Leros

You might wonder what you can do an a remote island with less than 8000 inhabitants during the short and windy days of winter time?

Well, we have found a small community of live-aboard people staying in our marina. They’ve all sailed around the world and have so much experience and so many fascinating stories that we are always all ears when in their company, trying to absorb all the little tips that you only get from the people who have done it! When you listen to them recounting their stories it all just seems very simple, easy, natural, and that’s because it’s like second nature to them. For us instead, being novices, even small problems can sometimes cause a crisis!


Despite living on a secluded island we manage to have fun and keep active. Last Sunday for example we organised an excursion with our friends and managed to get lost on a promontory off the lovely village of Alinda. The sun was shining, the strong meltemi had taken a day off and we set off for our trekking adventure high spirited and full of enthusiasm. We had a little mascotte, Pasca, who spent most of the time barking and chasing the poor goats away. It was funny to see animals 5, 10 times bigger than her hop around the hill in distress, scared off by this little monster, and climb up the mountain until they conquered an inexpugnable position!


PASCA – our little mascot!

We had been walking for more than 2 hours when we decided to split in two groups, some of us dared to follow the path of a water stream that had cut into the valley creating very deep gauges. We can only imagine how strongly the water must come down when it rains heavily. And believe me it can rain heavily here in Leros!

Eventually we got to our final destination: the fish restaurant! Famished but satisfied by the mission accomplished we enjoyed our fried calamari, shrimps cooked in ouzo, cheese saganaki, and much more.

What a wonderful way to spend a Sunday with beautiful surroundings, great company and excellent food and drinks. Γεια μας!


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