Sailing with friends

Our friends came to visit and this time we decided to head South of Kos and went to explore Nysiros, Yali’, Tilos, Halki and Symi. All different from each other but beautiful and unique. Nysiros so far has been our favourite though! A bit off the beaten track with its wild and unspoiled nature and its moon-like volcanic landscape.

Of course a visit to Stenafos crater is a must when you go there, although only few know that there is another, smaller crater of a still active volcano not too far from the one everyone visits.dsc_1266dsc_1280

If you get to Pali (much better than the main port, Mandraki) and moore in the little, cute harbour you can rent scooters from Captain’s House (or the one on the opposite side of the harbour) and go explore the beauty of this island. Nikeia and Emborios, the two villages on top of the mountains are definitely worth seeing. The view from up there is just breathtaking!

Walking  around Nikeia you won’t see many people except for the few locals and tourists sitting in the main square where the little white and blue church is. Emborios looks like a ghost town with many abandoned, semi-destroyed houses. It looks as if an earthquake has knocked down half of the village and they are now trying to bring it back to life. There is a hotel though with little wooden balconies painted in light green that has got the most charming spot of all. There is a terrace where you can sip your coffee in the morning or drink your G&T at sunset, while overlooking the entire valley and the enormous caldera of the now dormant volcano.

When it comes to eating out there are quite a few tavernas in Pali and Afrodite seems to be one of the best. If you go to Mandrake (the main town) you should try the Italian taverna/pizzeria Bacareto – be careful though as the chef can bite! Make sure you go before or after peak hours (20.30/21.30) as he gets very stressed out when the place is overcrowded and starts swearing in Italian! Food is really good and if you don’t understand Italian you’ll be ok!

People on the island are really friendly and they all speak perfect English as most of them lived in Australia or the US before moving back.

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